Will Smith drawn by caricature artist Rick Wright

Games & Activities


Caricatures by Rick Wright & Co. - Four professional artists will be drawing caricatures throughout the evening morning. One drawing per student -- requires caricature coupon from the entrance packet you will be given at the door. We have hired one more artist this year than last, but you should still plan to visit early as artists will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Wax Hands by Wild, Wild, Wax - Available from 12:15am to 3:15am on a first come, first serve basis -- approximately 250 wax hand creations can be completed in the allotted time.

Dance, Dance Revolution - Available from 12:00am to 3:30am -- Two DDR stations will be available on the second floor with two Red Octane Ignition Pads at each station, which will allow 4 "dancers" to participate at the same time. The following materials, purchased for this activity, will be given away at the end of the event:

Hose Hockey - A new form of "air" hockey for teams of three or four players.

Mini Skee Putt Golf - Three miniature golf/skee ball games - up to 4 players per game open from 12:00am to 3:30am on the second floor. All three game packages -- including Mini Skee Putt with 4 golf balls, 1 right hand putter and 1 ambidextrous putter each -- will be given away at the end of the event.

Blackjack - Five tables with room for seven players at each table. Open 12:00am to 3:30am on the second floor of the hall. Each player will be given a stack of chips -- no tickets required to buy in. If a player runs out of chips, he or she will be asked to get up from the table and let someone else play. If a player wins a certain amount of chips -- to be determined by the dealers -- he or she will trade them in for prize tickets and get up from the table and let someone else play. Felt layout mats, chips, dealer shoes, and cards will be given away as prize packages at the end of the event.

Money Booth - Grab as much "loot" as you can in 30 seconds. The booth will contain a combination of real money and play money that can be exchanged for prize tickets.

Jumping for Dollars - Money taped end-to-end is rolled out on the floor. Contestants jump, from a standing, stationary start, and claim all the money they jump past.

Spin Art - How long has it been since you've done this? Just don't ruin your clothes;-)

Duck Pond - Select a floating ducky, turn it over, and see if you've won anything.

Number Wheel - Place your marker over a number on the table, spin the wheel and wait for it to stop on the number you have chosen

Gold Fish Toss - Actually, you don't throw a goldfish, you throw a ping pong ball and try to have it land inside a "gold fish bowl" to win a prize -- no live fish will be harmed during this activity.

Softball Toss - Bounce a softball off an angled board and into a basket on the floor

Ring Toss - Throw a small plastic ring around a bottle to win a prize

Lollipop Tree - Pick a lollipop, check the stick, win a prize if you find the right color

Balloon Art - Learn how to make balloon animals and balloon hats - best creations win a prize

Juggling Contest - Be the last person juggling 3 bean bags and win a prize

Pie Eating Contest - Be the first person to finish eating a pie -- without using your hands -- and win a prize

Limbo Contest - and maybe a little Y.....M.C.A. or the Chicken Dance

Hula Hoop Contest - Keep a hollow plastic hoop spinning around your waist the longest and win a prize. Now for a little trivia: