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What was going on in front of the school on Friday the 13th?



























High Striker

Well, it looked like it might be a lot of fun to have this contraption at the Post Prom Party -- swing a big mallet, hit the lever, and try to ring the bell... except for a few minor details; it's too big to fit inside Summit Manor and too noisy to have outside from midnight to 4:00 in the morning.

So, the HHS PTSA Post Prom Committee rented a high striker and set it up in the front circle at HHS during enrichment hour on Friday, May 13, 2005. About 50 students tested their strength & skill, enjoyed their lunches outdoors, and learned more about the Post Prom Party. Click the picture for a closer view.

The high striker was supposed to also be available for a few hours after school, except that a spring broke 5 minutes before the end of enrichment -- the optimists out there will notice that we were pretty lucky that it didn't break during the first 5 minutes... especially on Friday the 13th!



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