Prizes You May Win

Most prizes and prize packages will be brand new items, which will be on display in the Prize Area on the first floor. In order to win one of these prizes, students will write the number of their wrist band on the back of a ticket and place that ticket in a container associated with a given prize. Winning names will be drawn from those containers. Prizes are still being purchased. Pictures and descriptions will be posted here soon.

A limited number of tickets will be included in the entrance packet given to each student. Tickets will also be given away to winners and/or participants of most of the activities. The more you do, the more tickets you will have a chance to accumulate, and the more chances you will have to win the prize(s) of your choice.

Students must be in the building when their ticket is drawn in order to win that prize.

Only Hereford High School Seniors will be eligible to win the "Grand" Prize.

Only Hereford High School Juniors will be eligible to win one of the reserved parking spaces in front of HHS for next school year.

All students -- guests & visitors included -- will be eligible to win all other prizes. There will not be "guest only" packages.

There is no limit on the total number of prizes any one person may win. However, one person may not win more than one of the same item. For example, only 1 parking space per student, only 1 electronic basketball game, only one blackjack set, only one PlayStation 2, only one iPod Shuffle, etc.

Raffle drawings will be held every 15 minutes from 12:15am until 3:15am

Many materials used during the games & activities will also be given away. Write your name on the game coupons included in your entrance packet and deposit them into containers at each respective activity for a chance to win:

  • One of 2 - 20 inch color televisions at the DDR booth
  • One of 2 - Sony PlayStation 2 and/or XBox game consoles at the DDR booth
  • One of 4 - Red Octane Ignition Pads V.3 at the DDR booth
  • One of 3 - Electronic basketball games at the basketball booth
  • One of 3 - Mini Skee Putt arcade games and putters at the miniature golf booth
  • One of 5 - Blackjack sets -- 36 x 72 inch felt layout, card dealing shoe, chips, cards -- at the casino tables